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Poppy Pouches By Crazy Dog Lady Projects

₹ 570

(Includes shipping charges across India)
These commemorative pouches created by @crazydogladyprojects were made in memory of a blind, senior Pug named Poppy, who was adopted from a shelter. These pouches were created to raise funds for pugs that are currently with CARE. We hope to bring attention to the amount of care that needs to be given to pugs. The artiste would also like to bring attention to how shelters who house them really go out of their way to take care of them, especially in these difficult times. 
Charlies Animal Rescue Centre – CARE established in January 2013, initially on half an acre of land adjacent to the picturesque Jakkur Lake, later moved to a larger place at Mitteganahalli, Yelahanka. The inspiration behind the trust, is 15 year old Charlie, a differently abled, 3 legged Indian Dog who was an established figure in the field of canine therapy since 2005. Charlie passed away in March, 2017, but has left behind a legacy that the CARE shelter aims to live up to through rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need.

The Care Shelter is also home to animals of all kinds which includes dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs, ducks and a calf. These animals are permanent residents of CARE due to their varying needs and special conditions – blindness, differently abled, paraplegic,serious ailments, aged and who require constant care, medical attention and love. These animals will live at CARE for the rest of their lives.