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A Print dedicated to Bob Dylan.

The most inspiring thing about Bob Dylan, apart from him being a brilliant musician and songwriter, is his contribution to history because of his activism. He was very much active during the Civil Rights Movement with his voice of Dissent. His iconic song “ Blowin’ in the Wind” which is still relevant in these times is against the glorification wars and against racial discrimination. Another song like “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll” was based on the death of black hotel barmaid Hattie Carroll, at the hands of young white socialite William Zantzinger. ‘Hurricane’ was a protest song against the wrongful jailing of a black boxer - Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter for a crime he did not commit. “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall” talks about the global wrong including wars waged by america and destruction to the environment it brings. And many other songs have similar little histories.

Dylan’s art is an inspiration. And his Art brings about the right kind of change any society needs globally. Be like Bob.

Original Design/Illustration © madpaule

About Partner

madpaule prints are the subset of madpaule (artist). Under this I will be applying my Designs/Illustrations on T-shirts and other lifestyle products in the Future without compromising on any Quality. The Subjects are based on Popular Culture ( Film, Music, Books, comics etc ).

“ I am a Multidisciplinary Artist based in New Delhi,I graduated in Literature and Fine Arts from Delhi University and works have been exhibited at Arles Photography festival (France), Carnem festival (Italy), Photo Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Blank Space (Norway), Fertellendewis (Netherlands) with PIX magazine (India), Tsukuba Biennale (Japan) and a solo exhibition at Keep Contemporary ( United States ). My work has also been featured in Maxim Magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Comixense Magazine, Caravan Magazine, Guerilla MAG, Ignant, Nakid Magazine, Illusion 360, Nature in Focus, Better India, Homegrown and Peachfuzz.”