by Milind Yohann

Doodle Time! Making Merchandise for Our Favourite Animes

With the crazy influx of new anime on Netflix, the hype is real! Since such a huge part of the fandom is art and merchandise, we’ve decided to put together some of our favourite animes as merchandise that you could create for yourself on our doodle tool! 

  1. Tokyo Ghoul

    This one’s special because it was my very first anime. With little to no spoilers, I think it’s safe to say that Anteiku: the Coffee shop is a huge deal. So here’s a great idea for a Tokyo Ghoul gift for your fan buddies: An Anteiku Coffee Mug!

    And yes, there is a variant for Starbucks fans too:

    Also, we didn’t mention masks because that seemed the most obvious route to go, but if you wanted to see what that looks like:

  2. Attack On Titan


    One of my favourite things about the entire universe is the existence of the ‘Survey Corps’: the island’s last defense against the titans. Here’s what Survey Corps jackets would look like if we made them:

    Here’s our take on a fan-tee. In case you don’t watch the show and didn’t get it, it’s all 9 main titans. Just watch the show already!

Fullmetal Alchemist

You knew this was coming!
But let’s not do a boring logo-on-tee. let’s do each Homunculus ‘sin’ as a different t-shirt. Still too easy? Alright, let’s do each sin as a t-shirt, without actually adding the name of the sin onto the t-shirt.
Ikuzo, Here we go!

> Envy
This is the easiest one, with a simple green tee

> Lust
give me a challenge already

> Gluttony
Did you know that orange is the color of gluttony? You’ll be drooling over this print anyway… Also, we’ve gone with a white t-shirt because a true glutton would ruin it in seconds. How’s that for justification?

> Wrath
You thought this would be hard because we already used red on lust? This maroon tee with a gold print spells ROYALTY and WRATH without having to lift a finger.

> Greed
The color of greed is yellow (seriously, google it), and we’ve paired it with a shiny silver foil print.

> Pride
Nothing says pride like a deep navy blue with a solid gold print on the front.

> Sloth
Just because it’s sloth, we’ve thrown out the idea of a t-shirt. Here’s a nice hoodie to relax and procrastinate in