About us
y o u r d e s i g n

We are an online hub for all things customization, a creative space for brands and individuals alike, a collective of hustlers constantly buzzing with new ideas.

Your Design Store is your proverbial one stop shop for anything that you’d like to be uniquely you. Our job is to turn a memory, an idea, a thought into something for you to wear, collect or gift.

With one eye on global trends and the other and local grassroots culture, we aim to not just step up the Indian Customization market, but to give custom culture enthusiasts a space to create, sell and grow.

We aspire to be, truly, Your (friendly neighbourhood) Design Store!

We aspire to be, truly, Your friendly neighbourhood Design Store!


Snap back to 2011 when Vivek George started a project to take a break from college work, and had no idea that it would grow into one of the country’s biggest customization portals.

On a day like any other, a young PUC Class Rep Vivek found himself tasked with sourcing hoodies for the entire class. A few other classes took notice, and got their hoodies made through Vivek as well. What started off as one order a month, snowballed to an order a week, and then to an order a day. A college-going student was producing massive orders for the likes of Qnet, and International Presidential Campaigns.

The end of the Recession in 2006 saw a fledgling Your Design Store, with inventory stashed away in willing friends’ houses, and clients coming to a tiny 100 square foot office in Richmond Town. With a dedicated and growing base of repeat customers and an inside knowledge of the textile and gifting industry, Your Design Store began to grow. It continued to grow from just one employee/CEO running logistics, operations and sales, to the team of professionals that is Your Design Store today.

Our Squad

hoodie Surath Dhami
Surath Dhami

Production- Online Sales | Print Specialist

round neck t-shirt Kumar R
Kumar R

Accounts Director

idea cafe mug Milind Yohann
Milind Yohann

Head of Strategy

sweatshirt Arun Nair
Arun Nair


cap Vivek Chiriyankandath George
Vivek Chiriyankandath George


hoodie Sagar Dhami
Sagar Dhami

Delivery Executive

varsity jacket Rudra Prasad Mohanty
Rudra Prasad Mohanty

Production Manager

hoodie Sunil R
Sunil R

Production- Online Sales | Embroidery Specialist

hoodie Kushum Dhami
Kushum Dhami

Delivery Executive

sweatshirt Sathish E
Sathish E

Accounts & Operations

hoodie Rahul MK
Rahul MK

Client Relationship Manager

sweatshirt Vishal Ullal
Vishal Ullal

Graphic Designer

varsity jacket Roshan Varghese
Roshan Varghese

Graphic Designer

cap Dinesh Dhami
Dinesh Dhami

Packaging Coordinator

hoodie Awang Alwasias
Awang Alwasias

Packaging Coordinator

polo Suresh C
Suresh C

Packaging Coordinator