Our Story


Your Design was an idea that came to life as a result of Vivek George striving for additional pocket money. A business that was never really perceived as a business but more of a hobby that was fun and provided a break from college.

Soon the hobby changed to an obsession with a perspective, which in turn brought about the idea that is Your Design. Over the years we have evolved into a company that provides Merchandise solutions ranging from options for companies to give to their employees to besties making bridal give aways for a bachelorette party.

The past 10 years have been a journey understanding people, merchandise, design, the perils of late delivery and absolute satisfaction derived from good review. Taking this experience we are now ready begin the journey towards perfecting the art of customization.



Kumar Husband. Accountant.

Kumar is the reason our company is in an ongoing financial crisis. His kind demeanor and sweet outlook often tell the client "It's okay! You don't really have to pay us". When he isn't busy making Invoices he likes competing for the position of "Best Cricketer" at Your Design.

Write to [email protected] if you feel like you owe us money.


Shakti Youngster. Designer. Procrastinator.

Shakti is usually in the office when: his relatives are not at home, the metro isn't delayed, his brother has not fought with him and when it when it is not sunny, raining or cloudy. That's right, come to our office between 1 and 2pm and there's a good chance you might catch this cute 12 year old. Shakti looks soo young that a client once asked our HR - Is he allowed to be working at this age ?

Write to [email protected] for tips on how not to age.


Madhu Biker. Cricketer. Coach.

Madhu is the one person you DO NOT want to sit pillion with. A self proclaimed KNOW IT ALL, production guy and F1 addict. In his spare time, races motorcycles and roots for Rafael Nadal. Lives to see a day when Tiger woods wins 18 Majors. Madhu wakes up early every morning so he can train young cricketers into falsely believing they will be the next Nayan Mongya. His lunch usually involves 2 (Yes 2!!) plates of biryani from Khazana.

Write to [email protected] for tips on how to ride safe


Vishal Hyper. Calm. Repeat.

Vishal is so clever that sometimes he doesn't understand a single word of what he's saying. Designer/Printing Guru and hardcore lover. Vishal smokes in between his work breaks. His parents have a beach house, couple of fishing boats and live the coastal life. So it makes absolute sense that he would leave all of that to be part of the city life.

Write to [email protected] if your life is as messed us as his is.


Arun Runner. Theater Artist. Serial Killer.

Arun has deep rooted psychological issues which directly reflect in his behavior. He often imagines a world where customers don't bargain, people are nice and animals are treated well. I know, crazy right ? When he isn't interacting with customers he's busy interfering with company financials and trying to perfect the art of making Chai (57% Water and 43% Milk currently gives the best output).

Write to [email protected] for friendship.


Vivek Founder. Social Animal. MBA

Vivek is the oldest employee (Read: Founder) of the company. If your close to our office and can't seem to locate the exact address then it's quite likely you'll find us through the sound of him shouting at vendors for messing up. When Vivek started Your Design, little did he know that he's have to deal with a mad bunch of people. If you do manage to talk to him, it’s always about amazingly cheap travel deals, lessons on documentation and most importantly discussing various kinds of diets. When he isn't saving the world, he puts all his energy into organizing/attending live gigs and meetings.

Write to [email protected] for amazing travel deals


Sathish Silent. Silent. Silent.

The only way one knows if Sathish is in office is when you hear him burrp after lunch. Sathish is so quiet that he sometimes isn't sure whether he himself is actually "there". A jack of all trades, he jumbles his time between helping with accounts, making sure no one is office is hungry and assisting with concierge services. We will give you more details as soon as Sathish starts speaking.

Write to [email protected] to switch to silent mode


Rudra Oriya.Vegetarian on Thursday. Body Builder

Rudra is the in house strong man. He is so macho that he refuses staying late in office hours (Since we share a wall with the graveyard). He swears to have witnessed seeing a ghost in his home town and refuses to go near a horror film. Rudra's lunch is usually equal to a month's rice production in Vietnam. He takes no shit from anyone and GETS THINGS DONE!

Write to [email protected] with images of ghosts (White on black background please!)