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Father’s Day Part 2 | Father’s Day Gifting Ideas!

World’s Best Dad
We just had to get this one out of our system. Here’s a moodboard of ‘Worlds Best Dad’ designs, do with it what you will!

Father’s Day Part 2 | Father’s Day Gifting Ideas!

Hamper Idea 1: The Working Dad
Cause he gets up in the morning,

And he goes to work at nine,

And he comes back home at five-thirty,

Gets the same train every time.
- A well Respected Man, The Kinks

Pair a smart button down shirt with a mask, and a ceramic mug! The design ideas could range from your dad’s company logos (for the proud corporate employee dad), your dad’s name (for the Hospitality Business dads out there), or just some fun or cool artworks (for the Ad Agency dad).

Hamper Idea 2: The Stay Home Dad 

Say thank you with a stay-home dad hamper! A Roundneck t-shirt, with a Yupoong Snap Back Cap, and a pair of custom embroidered socks should pair well with both a day out or a staycation! Design ideas can range from just his name, to the pet names you call him, a series of Dad Jokes, or even some photo-realistic prints (on a t-shirt) of your favourite childhood photo with him.

Hamper Idea 3: The Single Dad

Make your dad feel appreciated for basically doing two parents’ jobs, with a care package to show you love him! Do you have the kinda dad that does NOT like printed merchandise? Go blank with a super comfortable cotton tee, a plush hoodie or sweatshirt, premium imported cap.
Design ideas, if you choose to add them in, can range from photo-realistic prints of your favourite memories, to song lyrics from his favourite artistes.

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