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Gifting Guide: Weddings

Whether you’re in the ceremony, or just attending, custom gift kits can be a great wedding present. Here are a few ideas for kits that you can create on the website!

For the Sporty Couple
Create matching shorts and polyester jerseys with printed names, or go for a classic ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ design. Pair it with matching custom masks, and Gold/Silver embroidered jackets.

Gifting Guide: Weddings
Gifting Guide: Weddings

For the Day-tripping Couple
For the couple that will probably have a destination wedding as well as a destination honeymoon, gear them up for exploration with this custom kit. Combine a set of Gold/Silver embroidered jackets with custom masks, and custom printed joggers. Top it off with two embroidered caps, and spill proof travel mugs. Happy Trails!

For the Lavish Stay-In Couple
This one might take a little effort but we’re game if you are! Bring in a pair of Supima cotton towels to the shop, and we’ll do a Gold/Silver ‘His & Hers’ embroidery on them. Pair those with some super comfortable premium cotton tees with their names on it, or a photo-realistic print of some good memories! Top it all off with a box of delicious chocolates by Chocolate Philosophy (ask us about it).

Gifting Guide: Weddings

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