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Marketing Tips & Tricks for Your Online Store

So you’re done setting up your very own ecommerce storefront on YourDesignStore.in, and you’re wondering why sales haven’t been skyrocketing. Here are a few simple marketing ideas that we can help you out with to get your store the traction it deserves!

1. The simplest most obvious way to go- Social Media marketing

The best place to start is your online presence, where your audience is there specifically for your content, and will hopefully have post notifications turned on. Reels on Instagram are a great way to get visibility on your brand and merchandise. We’ve found that reels perform almost 10x better than stories or posts, if the right (read: relevant) music and templates are selected. An account with > 5000 followers can easily gain 15,000+ views just by creating a reel in a trending template.

Some other great ideas for reels/social content are:
> BTS: Visit our office at Magrath Road, Bangalore, and get behind the scenes of your merchandise and how it’s created. You can share videos of t-shirts being printed, caps being embroidered, and we’ve even got some gorgeous studio backdrops for you to pose against with the final product

Marketing Tips & Tricks for Your Online Store
Marketing Tips & Tricks for Your Online Store

> UGC: or User Generated Content, is basically content created by your fans and supporters. Think back to Pentagram’s old music video for the song ‘Voice’ where they got fans across the country to send in videos of themselves lip syncing and dancing to the song. It’s a great way to invite your supporters into the inner circle, and really feel like a part of the brand

> Influencer marketing: Instead of just standard photos on an influencer’s feed of them sporting your merchandise, why not create something fun and interesting. Eg. Tie up with dancers and get them to do a trending dance move wearing your brand’s t-shirts. Or, get a fresh local wrapper to drop some serious bars about your brand, while looking dapper in your signature merchandise.

2. Emailers
Sometimes the problem with your (potential) customers is as simple as awareness. It’s not enough to merely have a social media presence. Customers need to be constantly engaged throughout the year. Check out Mailchimp's templates for easy plug-and-play campaigns that are so simple to create, you could do them on your phone!

3. SEO on your Website
While writing blogs about your brand and what you do (that’s right, this blog post just got meta), why not write a little bit about your merchandise store? Be sure to add backlinks to your main store page, as well as your favorite products!

Marketing Tips & Tricks for Your Online Store

4. In Store marketing tool- The Banner Image
Once you’re done bringing your customers right up to the storefront, there are still ways you can get even more visibility for your brand. The banner image space at the top of your store is a great way to promote upcoming events, milestones, occasions that you’d like to commemorate, or just showcase the brand. Banner images are set to scroll, so you can add up to 5 banner images that will scroll endlessly on your page. You could even use this to tell a story, or even reveal a discount code at the end!

Marketing Tips & Tricks for Your Online Store

5. The Humble Scannable Code
Do you have an event on the horizon? Does your brand have a physical location like an office, a coworking space, a restaurant/venue? Make sure that your visitors have constant access to your merchandise store by planting scannable QR codes in accessible spots. Maybe it could be a code at the bottom of a beer glass that reads ‘If you just enjoyed that beer, you’ll love these beer t-shirts’, or a poster at your reception desk that says ‘Employees! Get your Swag Kits here!’

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