by Madhu Krishna

Ordering for a group? Few steps to make your life easier.

Nothing binds your group like custom tees, it makes you feel like you are part of something which is bigger than yourself. Maybe it’s for your football team, fraternity you are part of or your travel group, wearing the same color will enhance your chemistry and in-group experiences. For some of you (the brave ones) who have the responsibility of getting this done, let us help you. By adhering to the following steps, we can ease your burden.


Choosing the right product can be confusing, actually very confusing if you have to choose from over a variety of merchandise. Something which can help you in making the right decision is the event itself, a formal event calls for a sleek polo. A beer and barbeque party best goes with an airy round neck, for the adventurous folk who like a cold one even in winter, you don’t have to look further than sweatshirt. Budgets play a major role, you may want to consider this at an individual level before arriving at your destination.

Design, Ideate, collaborate.

Not everyone has the benefit of a design professional in their group. One can come around this problem by brainstorming the concept with your mates, once you are on the same page, you can move to drawing a vague picture of what your design will be. It is important to collaborate with all your group members so as to enhance the synergy which keeps you all together. This exercise helps you the organizer to better understand what your buddies envisage, making your work of zeroing on the design a simpler task.

Doodle.Time to digitize.

Once an idea is born, it's time to design it. Using our doodle tool will make your task simple, you can choose preset designs from categories which range from bachelor party to LGBTQ.  Choose a design which is already available which can enhance your idea or help you build new ones. Adding texts can alleviate your message, choose from 100’s of fonts and styles which are at your disposal. If you have already designed using softwares such as photoshop, corel or illustrator, etc, you can upload it by clicking image > upload image.  Once you design, you can view it in 3D, you can share the same with your mates.

Float a form.

Collating information such as preferred sizes, names and numbers is most likely the biggest hurdle. Our suggestion is to float a google form, it is the most convenient way to extract information from your peers. Uploading a .csv file for names and numbers is the fastest way to check out. 

A day prior

See the excitement build as you handover your custom merchandise, the one thing which sets you apart from the rest, matching colors. Distributing it with a day in hand, you will be able to avoid last minute shenanigans and panic. Letting you focus on what’s important, the event. Once this exercise is done, don’t forget to share pictures with us.