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Rooftops Women's Roundneck Tee

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Product Description

Our first official merchandise drop has been put together to celebrate our second EP - ‘Rooftops’. Inspired by the natural world around us and the surreal within us, you’ll find creatures known and unknown scattered around the mushrooms that occupy the centrepiece. Borrowing elements from previous artworks, also made by Anoop Bhat, the art featured is an adaptation of the EP cover. The back features our custom hand-type logo created by Sanjana Bhatt and a little something to remember us by.

About Partner

Cinema of Excess is an acoustic trio from Bangalore, India. The band came together in late 2018 when singer songwriter Anirudh Ravi, and guitar player Bharat Kashyap met at work at a music school. They shared similar musical interests, and a love for fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Within a few months of their meeting, they arranged 5 songs, which would later make up their 1st studio EP, "Bring Back The Sound". They noticed an absence of a sonic dimension to their music, and a few weeks in, entered Abheet Anand on bass. Together, the band has released 2 EPs and 2 singles, their most recent release being 'Rooftops' their second studio EP, released in March 2022. All the merchandise on our online store currently is to celebrate our newest release ‘Rooftops’ with the artwork made by Anoop Bhat, merchandise and logo designed by Sanjana Bhatt.