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Into the wild is one of those movies which makes you think about the concept of home and family. On a very superficial level it talks about a young man,Chris, fed up of materiel life and capitalism and runs away from the city life and civilization to live free into the wild. On another level he is just running away from his family, the violence in the house, the priorities they have and relationships they are putting up with. After leaving the house he starts his journey towards Alaska ( his dream destination, where he thinks he will find happiness and purpose) he meets several people on the way and shares a part of his life with them. His Magic bus where he ultimately settles in the wilderness in Alaska becomes the icon of the story. That part mostly shows his struggle for survival and at that point you wonder if this is what he was looking for. For me the most beautiful moment comes when he meets the Rubber tramps - the old hippies, and he spends the time at the beach with them. May be that was the family he was looking for. I tried to isolate the moment from that time in this poster, which he spends with himself and the beautiful sunset.

About Partner

madpaule prints are the subset of madpaule (artist). Under this I will be applying my Designs/Illustrations on T-shirts and other lifestyle products in the Future without compromising on any Quality. The Subjects are based on Popular Culture ( Film, Music, Books, comics etc ).

“ I am a Multidisciplinary Artist based in New Delhi,I graduated in Literature and Fine Arts from Delhi University and works have been exhibited at Arles Photography festival (France), Carnem festival (Italy), Photo Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Blank Space (Norway), Fertellendewis (Netherlands) with PIX magazine (India), Tsukuba Biennale (Japan) and a solo exhibition at Keep Contemporary ( United States ). My work has also been featured in Maxim Magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Comixense Magazine, Caravan Magazine, Guerilla MAG, Ignant, Nakid Magazine, Illusion 360, Nature in Focus, Better India, Homegrown and Peachfuzz.”