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Founded in 1996, Motherjane journeyed from being a college band to a professional international band, whose soundscape has been largely inspired by the vast Indian repertoire of sounds. Motherjane's 3rd record - 1 1 1, is a record that survived the world's greatest pandemic yet (as they call it) and finally made it to you. It was a time for introspection for all of us. And the songs in this record evolved and made that journey with us. They talk about waking up to newer realms of consciousness and journeying to our highest possible levels of existence. The subtle nuances of Indian ethnic elements like slurs, Korvas etc. are yet again on display in this record. The soundscape has undergone drastic changes, its wider spectrum of sound is left to be explored by the listener. 1 1 1 is produced by Rex Vijayan, one of the most revered names in the Indie scene in South Asia.