by Madhu Krishna

A biker needs a Tee!

At the dawn of the new millennium, what was an undercurrent was no longer one. Commuting on two wheels for leisurely purposes was upon us (doesn’t it sound like a paradox? it sure does to me). As better and bigger bikes flooded the market, more people fired up their engines and headed out for the weekend. As people congregated to celebrate their common passion, i.e. love for motorcycles and travel, groups formed; this is  where we came into the picture. Wearing common colors unites your group, for you to savour and announce to the world at large that you are part of something bigger. T-shirts play a large role in building camaraderie and are a statement of your shared values.

We have been helping biking groups with their merchandise for as long as we have existed, over 50000+ motorbiking tees later one can safely assume that we know what we are doing when it comes to dressing your group. Here are 5 elements you can add to make your tee extra special.

Adding Name and Blood Group. 

Nothing says it's your tee as much as having your name printed on a t-shirt. We suggest you have it on the sleeve as it will not be prominently displayed, this kind of subtlety is required when you are part of big groups and you can save yourself the awkwardness of forgetting your buddy’s name whom you met last ride. We all agree that motorcycling comes with a certain amount of risk, your blood group on the t-shirt may come in handy (hope you never require this).

Registration Number

There can be two Rahuls in the group, but there can be only one motorcycle with KA 05 OX 1234. Your registration number is unique, there won't be another till the end of time. As bikers nothing is more important than your motorcycle, and everything associated is held close to our heart. Getting your registration number printed on the tee is a unique way of staying connected to your ride.

Map it (A year end exercise)

Mark the places you and your group have visited on a map which can be printed on the tee. This serves as a token to remember the year gone by and relive the moments you and the group cherish. This might be tricky for some, you can always get in touch with the lazy geniuses in our office, our design team. 

Glow in the dark

Having the design or a significant element of the design glow in the dark adds the oomph that is required, it is not only a visual treat, it's a good conversation starter for when you get around the bonfire to celebrate brotherhood which keeps you in sync.

Offbeat: Try a shirt

We usually make round necks for our groups because it doesn’t limit our creativity and importantly it is economical as well. A good way to bring out a change will be to make shirts with your groups logo, for shirts we suggest you go with simple and elegant branding. Shirts add a touch of class and a sense of purpose. 

As you munch miles on your stead with your group, we come along in a form of a t-shirt to partake in your festivities and oneness.

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