by Madhu Krishna

How will Corona affect your order ?

It's been 60 days since I stepped foot in office, thought we would lock ourselves for 21 days and all this will be a story we tell ourselves when our teeth start falling off, how wrong I was! Now that it is the clingy partner you want to break off with, somehow they end up overstaying their welcome. I have made peace with this fact after much internal conflict and deliberation, Corona virus is going to stay with us for a longer period.

We at yourdesignstore.in are eagerly looking forward to resuming our relationship with you, our trusted patrons. As we tread cautiously and try and restore some sense of normalcy, we are taking necessary steps to ensure that your order is delivered safely. Following safety measures will be in place to keep you and us safe.

Half life is not half the life. 

We will be operating with 50% of the workforce, thus ensuring we can observe social distancing effectively. The rest will work remotely to ensure your orders are on track.

How will Corona affect your order ?
How will Corona affect your order ?

Safety First

Mandatory temperature checks with infrared thermometers will be carried out on a daily basis. Usage of masks will be a norm and strictly enforced for us in the office and we are working with vendors who are following similar practices. 


To ensure your package is delivered with utmost care, packing will happen in a controlled environment. Your order will be sealed in a biodegradable wrap to add as a safety mechanism. 

How will Corona affect your order ?
How will Corona affect your order ?



Given how dynamic the situation is, we do expect some orders to be delayed, owing to how things can be affected in these dark times. We will strive to have your orders reach in time as usual, but if they do not, kindly bear with us.  Our delivery partners will put their best foot forward to ensure contactless and seamless delivery.


In addition to the many products we have listed, we are actively working towards building a comfortable mask. A mask which is reasonably priced, making it accessible to a larger audience, also constructing it as safely as we can given our limited resources at the moment. 

In these testing times, we need to dig deep and bring out the inner Rafael Nadal and fight for as long as we have to. We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

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