by Madhu Krishna

Make those prints look better

We have processed over 4700 orders over a period of 18 months, these orders are widespread, resulting in us catering to all 29 states in India. Given the varied regions we service, how each customer uses our design tool is unique. Some have a better understanding than others and the remaining (like my brother) lack the technical know-how to maximise the chances of getting the most desired quality.  I have divided the ‘Gyan-session’ into 2 parts, order quantities from 1 - 9 in numbers and 10 and above.

Order Below 10 in number.

Your order is printed using vinyl. What does this mean? So, the design submitted by you is printed on rolls of vinyl using a printer. Post printing, the excess is weeded out leaving the design, which is in turn transferred to the apparel using a machine which essentially works like your domestic ironing press. You can ensure the printed design is of good quality by following  these basic instructions.

  • Please ensure that the dpi (dots per square inch) are not less than 150 dpi.

  • If you are downloading images from google or any other open source search engine, you can choose the largest file by clicking tools > size > large.

  • If you are proficient in design softwares like photoshop, illustrator or corel draw, then the best format to upload is vector in pdf format.


For order 10 and above

Your order is likely to be screen printed unless the colors in the design in question exceeds 6 or it has gradients. For screen printing we need a higher dpi file. We are essentially developing negatives to transfer it onto your tee with utmost clarity and detail. 

  • Image quality to be above 200 DPI.

  • Does not exceed more than 6 unique colors

  • Vector format is best suited for screen printing

Ensuring you get the best print quality is a responsibility which we take very seriously, but a small onus also lies with you. Sharing a good quality file avoids back and forth between you and our design team and more importantly makes your experience seamless.

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