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Doodle Time! Great Merchandise ideas for your band!

The 2020 COVID Pandemic tested the limits of the entire Indian music scene. Some took to online streaming shows to get their gig-fix. While others stayed in, and worked on music (which is dropping now!). 

With public events opening up again, Why not fund your next album or tour through merchandise sales?
But merchandise sales require work, designs, and an investment in large stocks that we just cannot afford!
Welcome to the world of Drop Shipping! 
Drop shipping is a system in which your merchandise is only manufactured to order. This means you don't need to invest in large quantities, worry about storage, shipping, etc. Simply hand over a design to your drop ship partner (us), we'll help you create and list merchandise on an e-commerce store front which you can promote from wherever you are, whenever! For every sale that your store makes, you are entitled to a pre-fixed commission- we recommend this goes straight into the band funds! 

When you're thinking about setting up your store, here are a bunch of ideas you can incorporate, without the stress of hiring a designer, or paying for expensive licensed images on photography websites! 
All these ideas were created exclusively on our doodle tool!

Lyric Masks! 

Make sure that your fans are walking around all day, silently singing your lyrics, with these lyric masks! 

(here's one by one of our favourite metal bands- Visionary, by Goddess Gagged)

Doodle Time! Great Merchandise ideas for your band!
Doodle Time! Great Merchandise ideas for your band!

A Signed Tee from the Band! 

Have you recently completed a milestone? Want to commemorate it with a special piece of merchandise for true fans? 

Create an artwork with your band's logo and all of your signatures, and we'll do the rest! 

Check out these signed tees by the boys at Cinema Of Excess. Oof!

Doodle Time! Great Merchandise ideas for your band!
Doodle Time! Great Merchandise ideas for your band!

Customizable t-shirts t make your supporters feel extra special.

All our stores have an activate-able feature we like to call 'Hyper Customization'- a space in your design where the customer can add their own text- whether it's a name, or a date, or even a song name. 

Here's an example, using another favourite band of ours- Skrat!

Glow in the dark tees. 

Most of your gigs end up happening at pubs or outdoor events, and once the stage lights go on, the audience is a sea of darkness. But you'll be able to spot true fans with their glow-in-the-dark tees even from the biggest stages!

Check out these luminescent tees we make for our favourite fusion metal men at Kutcheri!

Doodle Time! Great Merchandise ideas for your band!

And last, but certainly not least, the good old black hoodie. 

How many times have you walked into a festival, seen the price of an Iron Maiden or Megadeth hoodie, and just turned dejectedly to the food & beverage counter instead? Don't put your fans through the same thing! Our hoodies come with discounted rates especially for bands. Create an artwork with your tour dates, or that one album artwork that you all just love so much. We'll print it on a warm, comfortable, fleece lined hoodie that fits your fans like a hug. 

Here's an example of a hoodie we'd love to make for Bangalore based soul-rockers Parvaaz. If you've heard Kun, that album is the sonic equivalent of the warmest, softest hoodie. 

Doodle Time! Great Merchandise ideas for your band!

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