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Doodle Time! Pet Parent Merchandise

Before we get into this list, just wanted to let y’all know, you can drop by the store with your pet’s collars/bandanas down to the office and we’ll embroider their names on it for you! 

We’ve always said this: You are your pet’s #1 Fan. You should be celebrating that fandom with custom merchandise! So celebrate birthdays, adoption days or just a regular old Sunday with your furball, with some great looking merch courtesy of Your (friendly neighbourhood) Design Store!

[Pet Name]'s Dad/Mom

We've gotten a lot of orders with pet parents just wanting to proudly display their pet's names, maybe even their pet's instagram handles (for all those Influencers out there!).
Pro Tip- Our hoodies can be embroidered, and look great with Gold/Silver threads!

Doodle Time! Pet Parent Merchandise
Doodle Time! Pet Parent Merchandise

The holes in this t-shirt are the work of [pet name]

A hilarious way to explain why you showed up to Sunday brunch in a tee with random holes in it! Make yourself one of these tees if you have a doggo that likes to chew stuff when you're out, or a cat that uses you as a scratching post.

Doodle Time! Pet Parent Merchandise

I need to leave early, my dog is Home Alone!

Every introvert with a pet's best excuse to get out of parties, family outings, social gatherings, etc. Combine this on a t-shirt with a picture of your pet making puppy eyes, and nobody will begrudge you leaving the party early!
Pro Tip- why not look great while shirking social gatherings in a crop top!

Doodle Time! Pet Parent Merchandise
Doodle Time! Pet Parent Merchandise

The fur you see all over this tee belongs to [pet name]

This has happened to every cat owner- and a few dog owners too! Your parents pull you to the side and ask you if you've even heard of a lint roller! Especially sympathetic for the goths, metal heads and monochrome aficionados out there- we feel your pain every time you put on a black tee and see a thousand white hairs on it. We say EMBRACE IT!

Pro Tip- We've used a cursive font, along with the 'Angle Rotation' feature on our doodle tool to make this look like your pet signed off on this message!

Doodle Time! Pet Parent Merchandise

Humble Servant to [Pet Name]

The chances of your cat killing you are low..... but never zero!
Have you ever thought about the great house pet uprising that may come to pass one day? When cats are supreme overlords and dogs are their foot soldiers? Gain their confidence and trust early with this t-shirt of submission!

Doodle Time! Pet Parent Merchandise

It wasn’t a typo, my cat was sleeping on the keyboard

This one is for all of you working from home. How many zoom calls have been interrupted by your cat casually jumping on to your keyboard and causing havoc?
According to this article, cats like to sleep on Keyboards for 2 possible reasons:

1. They want to be closer to you/draw your attention

2. Keyboards and laptops tend to grow warm after use, and cat's love curling up on a warm spot

Either ways, wear this as a tee or a mask on your zoom meetings for context when the chat section is abruptly filled with 'sbfjwbfwlehfbwebfkewbfewjf'

Doodle Time! Pet Parent Merchandise

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