by Milind Yohann

Prints & Tattoos

Think about the last time you (or someone you know) got a tattoo- the number of times you went through designs, spoke to different artists, thought about placement, etc. Are you putting as much thought into your apparel customs? 

Lets breakdown tattoos into 3 parts: Artwork > Getting it Done > Aftercare. 

Here’s your t-shirt customization journey as a tattoo  

< Artwork > 

Think about the aesthetic of your design. This will be the first thing people see on you. Something bold and block may stand out, but makes for a terrible print. The problem with big prints, like solid color tattoos, is that there will be cracking or fading. What you want to do is find the line between clarity of your design and size of the print. Look into line designs, reduce colors, use the t-shirt color to convey your design. 

Be aware of placement! When you think about a tattoo placement on your body, you think about the way the design sits around the body. Think about the way your design sits when you’re wearing your t-shirt. 

Don’t be this guy

But don’t be afraid to get weird with it

< Getting It Done > 

If you’re using our online store, chances are your customization will be done as a print or an embroidery. Read up a little on how this affects your design. A lot of intricate details might get lost in an embroidered print, and a lot of textures look way better embroidered. 

You reach boss level when you know about the kind of color codes the print or embroidery machine uses. Write to us then, we might just have a job for you! 

Just for the satisfaction of it, here’s some great embroidery

< Aftercare > 

Remember your first tattoo? When Skin Deep would give you an aftercare card that ended with ‘DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS’. Who ever thought clothes need aftercare?

Here are things that you do that wreck your prints: 

1. Leaving it to dry in direct sunlight. We use controlled heat to print, but that kind of heat can wreck a freshly washed t-shirt.

2. That thing where you crumple the t-shirt and forget about it at the bottom of a pile of clothes until you find it like 4 weeks later

3. We actually had nothing to say about embroidery. Its tough AF. 

To know more about the correct way to take care of your new customs, read here.