by Milind Yohann

Why Should You Get Your Own Online Store?

Here’s what I’d probably tell you over a call. But if you’ve already read through this, you’d make that call 5X easier! 

Apart from the fact that ‘buy it off our official store’ sounds unbelievably cool, here are the reasons why you should get your own exclusive Online Store. 

1. The times, they are a-changin!

The world right now is an extremely elaborate game of ‘Plague Inc.’. It’s not advisable to scramble through Chickpet looking for textile vendors or t-shirt printers anymore. Pandemic aside, you’ve got a brand and a vision to focus on! Let someone else take care of your merchandise.

2. Some vendors are a nightmare

Quick shoutout to our partners and vendors- you guys are gems. 

But the rest of the world of vendors out there is a nightmare. Ask any of us about bad vendor experiences. Imagine ordering cotton tshirts, and receiving a box of polyester dishrags. Not Fun. 

3. Have you ever tried setting up an e-commerce storefront? 

You need to know of a barrage of apps that make your storefront active. Fun fact- did you know that there are 2 separate GST codes on T-Shirts and Formal Shirts? Have you ever had to choose between FedEx, Delhivery and Shiprocket based on their tariffs and how it affects your business? 

It’s hell. 

Fortunately, it's what we do best. 

4. The age of paying designers in ‘Exposure’ is over!

Yes, designers are expensive. We should know, we have a team of them! Our designers get merchandise. They understand fabrics and prints- We daresay better than most of us! All of our online stores get design support to bring their merch dreams into reality. 

5. Go viral in 2021!

Without the bounds of a physical store, your merchandise could reach the furthest ends of the country. Make every little fan count, reach out to them and share a link

Combat family WhatsApp forwards with links to your online store 

Respond to Instagram haters with links to your store 

Send your creepy high school tuition teacher who sends you Good Morning messages a link to your store (he’ll probably forward it too!) 

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