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Your Design Store's Summer Picks!

Summer 2020- What's Hot? 

Join us as we breakdown fun ideas and great products to beat the heat this summer!

1. Take a trip- and commemorate it!
Create the perfect memorabilia for that Goa trip that you’ve been planning since college. Whether it’s in matching t-shirts or matching masks, let the world know that your gang keeps it !

Your Design Store's Summer Picks!
Your Design Store's Summer Picks!
Your Design Store's Summer Picks!

2. Summers are for house parties!
Did you know: you can get in touch with Sofar Sounds India and turn your home into a space for intimate gatherings, 25-30 person events, and exclusive music gigs.
Whether you’re hosting a band or turning your backyard into a barbecue sun-downer with you on the aux cable- be the coolest host with some custom merch! (did someone say party favours??)

Your Design Store's Summer Picks!

3. Attending a summer wedding? Wanna stand out from the crowd? 

If it’s an outdoor wedding, carry a trendy canvas tote bag to hold flowers, gifts, water (stay hydrated!).

Your Design Store's Summer Picks!

Are you planning a wedding this summer? Go full Monica, and get yourself a headset and a laptop. Of course you need your spill proof mug to keep your coffee off the flower arrangements!

Your Design Store's Summer Picks!
Your Design Store's Summer Picks!

4. Brave the wilderness to escape the heat- take the trodden track and spend your summer hiking. Load up the tent, your survival gear, and do not miss out on these waterproof Flexfit Delta Caps. The cap maintains its sweat-free status with the patented Stain-Block technology and the 3-layer sweatband. And don’t forget to get your initials embroidered on the back!


Sometimes that’s all you need. 

Find a nice AirBnB with an AC and a pool
Stay home and get through all the books you’ve been waiting to get to
Put a bunch of treats in the freezer 

Just do it all in a comfy, loose custom tee from Your friendly neighbourhood Design Store!

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