Tote Bag

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Product Description

Parallel running handles designed to you give you maximum space. Our tote's serve you and the environment.

Fabric Specs

  1. Material - Frankfurt Matty (Poly Canvas)
  2. Colour: Ivory
  3. 300 GSM
  4. Biodegradable
  5. 60% Cotton & 40% polyester
  6. Size: W 15” X H 12”


Direct To Garment -

Order Size: All orders under 10 Pieces. 

(Also used on orders above 10 Pieces, where there is a gradation in the artwork.)

Colours & Artwork Details: No maximum number of colours

Screen Print -

Order Size: Only used on orders above 10 Pieces

Colours & Artwork Details: Total number of colours in the design should be less than or equal to 8

Eco Solvent Vinyl -

Order Size: NA
Colours & Artwork Details: Text-Heavy Designs, Designs with a lot of white spaces/detailing;

Any Gold, Silver, Reflective or Glow in the Dark Prints

Note- Our Team will choose a method of customization that best suits your artwork and requirements.